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May 6, 2021

Eric H. Maillet

CSO – Chief Sales Officer

Dear Customers & Distributors

We hope that you are all well and safe. Happy Easter, Spring is finally here, and we at Vitrex are very busy. Thank you for your trust, commitment & support in these demanding times.

Looking at 2021 it is a year of hope and opportunities. The Covid-19 vaccination programs are progressing and the demand for products is remaining extremely high. According to the latest updates from Pfizer we now speak of the need for a 3rd vaccination or even a yearly vaccination, we can foresee a steady demand in the years ahead.

To cope with this the CTI group will invest in new production lines and we at Vitrex will keep elaborating new solutions to source products. We believe that Quality & European manufacturing is the only long-term path to success.

As stated in our last newsletter: 2021 will bring major challenges:

  • Lack of production capacity to follow the demand of syringes.
  • Lack of Needles and many related items on stock
  • Increased lead and delivery times
  • Increased Overseas transportation prices for containers.

We know that the present Delivery Lead times are a challenge and many times at a critical level as we experience delays and longer transit times. This mostly due to many external factors & extraordinary demands we are not in control of. This gives us less capability of precise planning due to continuous delays and costs are impacted by high increase in container prices.

Increased logistics, service & material costs, which are not just a temporary peak but a long-term impact on our costs. Vitrex has absorbed this temporarily and taken the cost increases on our side so far. Unfortunately, as the costs maintain high or keeps increasing the situation is not viable any longer. Vitrex now needs to proceed with price adjustments to reflect the real market costs and the direct impact on our products.

This will mainly concern our Group Products from Slovakia & Alcohol swabs.

We will proceed in a selected manner, focusing on the products with the highest impact while others will be exempt and with the right time frame / notice period, to minimize any negative impact in our mutual business.

This will demand open dialogue, coordination, planning, cost sharing and finding smart ways to mitigate price increases.

We will update you soonest possible of the impact and price changes on your business during this month, when we have done your individual assessment.

I recommend, that you already now, take the opportunity to speak to your Area Manager for you to coordinate, forecast and specially to place new orders in time.

The good news is, that we have extended our range of Covid-19 Test solutions, now to include additional self-testing kits solutions (Saliva based). See the product description in this newsletter.

We are furthermore pleased to announce that we will be present at: “Arab Health exhibition” in Dubai on the 21st to 24th of June. We hope to see many old and new distributors from Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East during the fair. Please book a meeting already now so we can focus on how to grow your business in person.

Vitrex is working hard to get additional supply of syringes and needles, which gives us an opportunity for taking new orders.

Please find the New Vitrex Insight with the latest products and updates from Vitrex and the CTI group.

Capillary Tubes

Different needs, different tubes in glass and plastic

Vitrex capillary tubes are renown worldwide for their high European quality and cost efficiency. Vitrex Capillary Tubes consist of a comprehensive range of tubes in glass or plastic for handling and transporting liquids or fluids.

Our many years of experience with producing tubes and the flexibility in the production provide us with the advantage of being able to meet different demands for capillary tubes in special sizes, volumes, dimensions, and coatings, leading to a total of more than 5.000 different items. Both glass and plastic capillary tubes are available plain or coated with various kinds of anti-coagulants such as sodium, ammonium, lithium or EDTA.

Areas of use are many; diagnostics, IVF/ICSI-treatments, chemistry, biology, lubricant for watchmakers, forensic medicine, pharmaceutical and pharma research laboratories. Our customers for tubes can be distributors, laboratories and manufacturers. Some resell our tubes as they are and other post process them before reselling them to the end users.

An example of an emerging market segment for Vitrex glass tubes is IVF/ICSI-treatments. From our side we make the tubes with the customers requested dimensions, where the tubes’ inner dimensions are of high importance due to the accuracy.

After drawing and cutting the tubes, we use an inhouse technology to sort the tubes into different groups based on inner wall thickness, in order to maintain high homogeneity in each batch. Afterwards our customers post-process and re-draw the tubes into two different tubes with two different purposes.

One tube is re-drawn in one end of the tube into a thin rounded tip, that is slightly bend from 0-35 degrees, which purpose is to hold the egg cell (oocyte). The other tube has one end sharpened in order to cut and collect/insert genetic material.

Our tubes are used for many other different purposes and we would be happy to assist you, if you have any standard or special request. Please contact our product specialist Olav Csiky

PCL Covid-19 Ag Gold Saliva test

With the increasing requirements and need to test for COVID-19, then the test kit market keeps growing and exploring new solutions to make it as simple and quick as possible to be tested. Especially self-testing is being more relevant, as more countries begin to approve and use these.

We are happy to announce, that we just added a new test kit to our range: PCL Covid19 Ag Gold Saliva. This is an in vitro diagnostic medical device based on the Immunochromatographic assay (ICA) principle for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens in human saliva or nasopharyngeal specimens. This test is listed as self-use by BfArM in Germany.

It is a simple and quick test, as no other test instruments are required, and the test result is available after 10 minutes. The test could be a useful tool in companies to test their employees or visiting customers or at schools to test the students before entering their classes.

For more information, please follow this link to the product page and contact your Area Sales Manager for prices.


Arab Health 2021

We are happy to announce, that we will be exhibiting at Arab Health 2021. The exhibition is being held from the 21st to the 24th of June in Dubai. This is the first live exhibition we are attending since the world went upside down with COVID-19. We are therefore really looking forward to meeting with current and potential customers face to face again.

Please come by our stand R.E10 or contact us at to book at meeting with our CSO Mr. Eric Maillet or our Senior Sales Manage MEA Mrs. Marjan Yousefi, who will be representing the Vitrex team in Dubai this year.

We look forward to present our current range and the new products we have added to our range during the last 1.5 year. See you in Dubai.