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Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a huge global challenge. There are 415 million people with diabetes worldwide and by 2040 every tenth person is expected to have diabetes. In addition, there are 46,5% of adults who have undiagnosed diabetes. An effective treatment helps the person to live in balance with the disease. And an effective treatment also involves a pleasant treatment as possible.

We aim to deliver quality healthcare solutions for diabetics to meet the demand of both professionals and individual patients. All people are different, so it requires a carefully selected portfolio of products such as syringes, lancets, pens etc. which we can contribute with.

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Insulin Syringes
Pen Needles

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Vitrex Soft Blood Glucose Lancets
Vitrex Compact Eject
Blood Glucose Monitor System
Chirana Insulin and Tuberculin Syringes
Medoject Fine Pen Needles
Vitrex Pen Needles
Vitrex Safety Pen Needles With Dual Automatic Protective Shields
Vitrex Alcohol Swabs
Vitrex Safety Containers