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Covid-19 Test Kits

Global Pandemic – Total Solution

As a fact, we cover all cases needed for Covid-19 test via the following alternative options:

  • Swab Sample, Blood Sample or Saliva Sample
  • Anti-gene or Antibody.
  • High Sensitivity ranging from 94,5% to 99%
  • For Patients with symptoms and for people without symptoms

Our products have been tested and documented to highest levels in scientific publications and has already taken up the fight in the front line of the battle in Korea and Spain.

We have gone for the best, so all our Premium solutions has Korean Origin and distinguish themselves by having short delivery times (1-5 days) or by being in stock.

We look forward to finding the best solution for you and your country. Together we can overcome the challenge.

Please contact Eric H. Maillet on for further information.

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PCL COVID19 IgG/IgM Rapid Gold
PCL COVID19 Ag Gold Saliva

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