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Face Shield


Disposable visor for protection against droplet-borne sources of infection. The visor protects the face (nose, mouth and eyes) against droplets from sneezing and coughing, thereby reducing infection from other people. The visor also helps you not to touch your face, which often happens unconsciously several times an hour and is a source of increased infection risk.

The visor is an easy-to-use protective device, as it is made in one piece and is put on and discarded quickly after use. It comes in one size. The face shield is made of 80% transparent recycled plastic, PET, which is flexible and easy to put on. The visor can be used both with and without glasses. The forehead nobs can be turned either inside or outside for the best fit.

The visor is manufactured in Denmark under very orderly conditions at HN Group A/S in Billund, which is ISO 13485 medico certified. The visor is approved as a safeguard for the health service by the safety authority.

Please note that the visor cannot stand alone to ensure optimal protection against viruses, but it is a good supplement to face masks.

Technical Specifications

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