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Capillary tubes – Accessories

Vitrex Medical offers some complimentary products as accessories for our capillary tubes. These products are important parts in the process of micro blood sampling.




Vitrex Wax plate

Vitrex Wax plate intended use is to seal the tubes after the blood collection before the tubes go into a centrifuge. The wax plate has 2×24 numbered positions per pair, which makes it easy to have several tubes sealed and transported at the same time. Each pair can be forced apart and used separately.


Vitrex Pipette holder

Vitrex Pipette holder intended use is dispensing micro samples of blood from a capillary tube like our Vitrex End-to-End Pipettes. The Pipette holders are packed in boxes of 100 pcs.

Stirrers – End Caps – Magnets

Stirrers, End caps and Magnets are intended to be used with Vitrex Blood Gas Tubes. The purpose is to mix the heparin with the blood.

Stirrers packed in vials of 250 pcs.

End Caps packed in boxes of 500 pcs.

Magnets packed in bags.

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