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Vitrex Capillary Tubes

Different Needs – Different Tubes

Vitrex Capillary Tubes consist of a comprehensive range of high quality tubes in glass or plastic for handling and transporting liquid or fluids. The ability of capillarity is necessary when you have to get liquid to flow against gravity.

We produce more than 2.000 different capillary tubes, varying in dimensions, scales, material and coatings, leading to a total of more than 5.000 different items. Both glass and plastic capillary tubes are available plain or coated with various kinds of anti-coagulance such as sodium, ammonium or lithium heparin or even EDTA.

In addition to the comprehensive, standardized range of products, we have developed a large variety of specialized products, i.e. high precision volumetric pipettes, pulling pipettes for IVF-treatments and gene-manipulation.

Our many years of experience with producing tubes and the flexibility in the production provide us with the advantage of being able to meet different demands for capillary tubes in special sizes, volumes, dimensions and coatings.

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Micro Haematocrit
Vitrex Micro Haematocrit Tubes
End-to-End Pipettes
Vitrex End-to-End Pipettes
Pre-calibrated Pipettes
Vitrex Precalibrated Pipettes
Blood Gas
Vitrex Blood Gas Tubes
Melting Point
Vitrex Capillary & Melting Point Tubes
Capillary Dispenser
Vitrex Capillary Dispenser
Pipette Fixed used to collect and dispense micro samples of fluids
Vitrex Pipette Fixed
Example of accessories for capillary tubes
Capillary tubes - Accessories