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Vitrex Micro Haematocrit Tubes

Vitrex Micro Haematocrit Tubes are quality products, that conform to international standard ISO 12772. The tubes are firepolished at the colour-coded end to reduce wear on the centrifuge seals.

We recommend the colour-coded end to be sealed with Vitrex Wax plate. The colour-coding on the tubes and packaging indicates the impregnation of the tube: plain (blue colour), sodium heparin (red colour), ammonium heparin (green colour) and lithium heparin (orange colour). Each heparinised tube contains at least 4-7 IU heparin as prescribed by the standard. Vitrex Micro Haematocrit tubes are also available in plastic with plain, sodium or ammonium heparin in a volume of ~75 μl. The plastic tube provides the same effect as the glass tube, but the possibility of contamination with the plastic tube is reduced due to breakage with no compromise in accuracy.

The tubes are available in two types of packaging: Dispenser vials of 100 tubes each for hygienic and easy handling; and economy cardboard boxes of 1000 tubes, which reduce transport and handling costs.

Special requirements regarding marking, dimensions or impregnation are possible.

Technical Specifications

Standard Micro Haematocrit Tubes
Non-standard Micro Haematocrit Tubes
Precalibrated Micro Haematocrit Tubes
Plastic Micro Haematocrit Tubes

Product Specification Sheet

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