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Modulohm I/S was founded as a privately, personally owned company. The main products were resistors promoted under the brand “Modulohm”, which were primarily produced for the entertainment industry.


After discovering that the glass tubes made for the resistors were perfect for transportation of liquids in medical products, the company started producing glass tubes for laboratory segment under the brand “Vitrex”.


The company was changed from I/S to A/S (limited company).


Modulohm A/S developed one of the first safety lancets in the world, which was the beginning of the company’s current and comprehensive range of lancets.


To ensure the company’s focus on medico technical products, the original production of resistors as well as brand and company name were sold in 2000. On this occasion, the company changed its name to Vitrex Medical A/S.


Vitrex Medical A/S was sold to a Slovak holding group and became a part of the CTI Group with two other European companies: Chirana T. Injecta, Slovakia and Chirana T. Injecta, Czech Republic.

Vitrex glass tubes introduced in 1970

Safety lancets introduced in 1995