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Polydox monofilament

Polydox monofilament is a long-term absorbable, synthetic suture made of polydioxanone. The suture offers good handling combined with great strength due to its slow degradation profile.

Polydox monofilament is ideal for all indications, where an extended wound support of more than 4 weeks is desirable. The threads are available in violet and natural.

The suture is very flexible, pliable and easy to knot. In tissue, the thread can cause a slight initial reaction.



General soft tissue approximation, Orthopaedics (e.g. Joint capsule, Tendons), Fascia Closure, Urology, Gynaecology and Plastic surgery.


Polydox monofilament should not be used where prolonged approximation of tissues under stress is required.


7/0 to 4 USP



Absorption method:


Strength Retention Profile:

LONG-TERM HEALING (90 – 98 days)

1 Day 100%
45 Days 50%

Mass Absorption profile:

180 – 240 days

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