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Blood Glucose Monitor System

Easy to Read, Use and Carry

The system bag contains all necessary items for a safe and precise blood glucose measurement. It is light weight and can fit in a pocket or small handbag.

1. Vitrex Compact Eject:

Lancing device with push button ejection. Suitable for use with Vitrex Soft Blood Glucose Lancets and most other popular lancet brands.

2. Vitrex Soft Blood Glucose Lancets:

Universal soft lancet, compatible with most lancing devices.

3. Blood Glucose Test Strips:

For fast blood measurement.

4. Blood Glucose Monitor:

Easy-to-Use monitor with its two step operation, pre-set code, 5 sec. response time and memory of 500 tests with date and time.


  • Big Screen
  • One Code (No Coding requested)
  • Small Carrier package

Product Specification Sheet

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