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Chirlac braided

Chirlac braided is a mid-term absorbable, synthetic, multifilament suture material of extremely high tensile strength made of the homopolymer of hydroacetic acid (glycolic acid).

The thread has a homogeneous structure and surface, which gives it low frictional properties and holds firmly without slipping when knotted.

Chirlac braided is coated with an absorbable substance, which reduces the capillary effect, provides excellent holding properties and diminishes the tendency to cut into the flesh, while ensuring that the knots hold firmly.

Chirlac braided is degraded in the body by a simple hydrolytic process. The degraded products are metabolised completely in the body. Absorption begins as a loss of tensile strength without appreciable loss of mass.



General soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, for the surgical adaptation of Muscles and Fascia, for suturing of Parenchymal organs, Peripheral nerves, for ligatures of small vessels and for Intradermal suturing.


Chirlac braided should not be used in tissues subject to expansion, stretching or distension, or which might require long-term mechanical support.


9/0 to 6 USP



Absorption method:


Strength Retention Profile:

MID-TERM HEALING (28 – 35 days)

1 Day 100%
14 Days 65% – 75%
21 Days 45% – 50%

Mass Absorption profile:

80 – 90 days

Product Specification Sheet

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