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Medical devices

Medical devices are used for medical purposes with the intention of diagnosing, preventing or treating a disease or sickness. The medical devices hereby contribute to help improving the quality of life for patients.

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality and European made medical devices for the healthcare sector, which vary in intended use and indications for use. Among others our range consists of syringes, cannulas, needles, examination products, infusion and transfusion sets.

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Chirana 2-part disposable syringes and Chirana 2-part disposable syringes with needles
Chirana 3-part disposable syringes and Chirana 3-part disposable syringes with needles
Chirana Perfusion 3-part syringes
Chirana 3-part disposable Catheter syringes
Medoject Hypodermic needles
Medoject Safety Hypodermic needles
Medoject Blunt fill needles
Medoject Special Hypodermic needles
Inox Ophthalmic needles
Chiraflex IV Cannulas and Chiraflex Safety IV Cannulas
Chiraflex Mandrins
Chiraflex Scalp vein sets
Chiraplus Infusion set
Chirahem Transfusion set
Accessories: IV Administration
Examination products
Vitrex Alcohol Swabs
Vitrex Safety Containers