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April 8, 2020

Eric H. Maillet

CSO - Chief Sales Officer

Dear Customers & Distributors

In these difficult Covid-19 times, my hope is that you and your families are well and with good health. Our thoughts and prayers go to the many victims and our gratitude to the heroic actions by so many in the health care sector as the many others supporting society in these days.

Easter has given us a new light, we can overcome this crisis together, things seems to be going in the right direction. We at Vitrex have not stopped at any point to service our +350 international distributors in 97 countries.

We are happy to announce that we have successfully upgraded our Website, to reflect the latest development in Vitrex, the growing workforce and Product portfolio, that has given us growing output and results.

In fact, we had our best months ever in March 2020, our order books are almost full, and we must look into increasing our capacity to follow this high demand. We therefore we kindly ask you to increase your forecast and book new orders with additional lead time.

We will do our very best to service you, but we kindly ask you to be understanding. Together we will overcome and find suitable solutions. This can only be achieved in close cooperation with you our valued: customers and distributors.

Please find the New Vitrex Insight, with the latest news and updates from us.

We look forward to hearing from you and we hope to see you soon again in 2020.

Global Pandemic – Total Solution

Coming soon:

In these difficult times, we at Vitrex are proud to present our complete range of Covid-19 Tests to take up the fight against the Corona Virus. We have 4 solutions that fit and adapt to different situations and target audience depending of the timeline.

As a fact, we cover all cases needed for Covid-19 test via the following alternative options:

  • Swab Sample or Blood Sample
  • Anti-gene or Antibody.
  • High Sensitivity ranging from 94,5% to 99%
  • For Patients with symptoms and for people without symptoms

Our products have been tested and documented to highest levels in scientific publications and has already taken up the fight in the front line of the battle in Korea and Spain.

We have gone for the best, so all our Premium solutions has Korean Origin and distinguish themselves by having short delivery times (1-5 days) or by being in stock.

We look forward to finding the best solution for you and your country. Together we can overcome the challenge.

Please contact Eric H. Maillet on for further information.

Vitrex Extraordinary Sales, Special Prices and Discounts

We are having an extraordinary SALES for some of our products with short expiry dates and/or high stock in Vitrex, as well for some lancets in Chirana stock.

The concept is FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. So, quickly SEND US AN ORDER for the items you wish to get a special price on and we will confirm your order.

If you should have any questions, please contact our SALES TEAM for more information.


Please find list of product, stock volume, exp. Dates and special prices by clicking here. If you wish to order some of these products, then please add “VS1/2020” as a remark in your PO and mail subject, if possible.


Please find list of products, stock volume and special price discount by clicking here. The special price discount will be discount from your current prices. If you wish to order some of these products, then please add “CS1/2020” as a remark in your PO and mail subject, if possible.


Arab Health and Medlab Middle East

We were meeting and greeting many current and potential customers from the Middle East and nearby countries, as our Sales Director Eric Maillet and Area Sales Manager Marjan Yousefi were in Dubai exhibiting at Arab Health 2020 and attending Medlab Middle East 2020 in January/February.

At Arab Health 2020 we had a stand together with our sister company Chirana T. Injecta, where we had meetings with current customers. Furthermore we had great interest in our products from many visitors and potential customers.

At Medlab Middle East 2020 we visited the exhibition for a few days to meet with customers, who were not attending Arab Health. We also had the opportunity to explore the and look into other products and partnerships, as well as meet potential customers.

We had some great and busy days and we look forward to go back to Dubai again next year in 2021.

This issue’s portrait

Olav Csiky started as Area Sales Manager in Vitrex in the summer 2019 and he is responsible for Germany, Italy, Benelux, Russia and Switzerland. Olav has a degree in Biology (Cand.Scient.) and a Master in Marketing and Communication. He has many years of experience in sales and marketing in the pharma & medical industry. He has been territory and product manager and has an international experience with distributors worldwide.

Olav will support our distributors; To open New markets & Sales Channels. To establish Partnerships & Strategic Alliances, Olav is looking forward to attending you in English, Italian, German or Danish, to find the right solutions for you and your market. He is also our new product specialist for Vitrex’s capillary tubes produced in Denmark and he will contribute with his many years of experience with product management. He will assist with special projects for capillary tubes with our valued distributors.

Olav relocated back to Denmark after 20 years abroad in Italy and UK.  He is passionate about entrepreneurship and strategic processes and brought with him his passion for good Italian food and wine back to his home country. He lives happily with his family in Copenhagen and considers to have a cat.

Olav Csiky

Area Sales Manager

Phone: +45 2882 9953