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June 17, 2020

Eric H. Maillet

CSO - Chief Sales Officer

Dear Customers & Distributors

If you read this, then you are hopefully well and can enjoy that the world is now  slowly opening up again. These critical times has shown the need for and the importance of action, co-responsibility, solidarity and to be prepared.

Vitrex is on the forefront with new solutions. We have therefore together with long term Danish partners taken the initiative to launch the international sales of our Face Shield solution to protect you and the many important professionals that needs protection.

Vitrex Medical have made extraordinary efforts to supply you with critical and needed medical devices in these times extraordinary high demands. This also means that stock levels now are critical for several products, but our supply chain is working hard to secure new deliveries to increase our stock levels in the coming weeks and months ahead.

With Summer holidays and closure coming up in week 30 & 31, it is important to stay in close contact so we can find the best ways of securing delivery. Take the opportunity to speak to your Area Sales Manager for us to get your forecast and coordinate your orders so we are able to plan, ahead.

May the summer be a time for rest, recovery and joy along with your family and your loved ones.

On the other side of the summer it is our plan to strengthen our team further. This to service you even better and to have an even more fluid dialogue on how to deliver the right order at the right time. This can only be achieved in close cooperation with you our valued: customers and distributors.

Please find the New Vitrex Insight, with the latest news and updates from us.

We look forward to hearing from you and we hope to see you soon again

Face Shield

Vitrex is proud to present our “Hounisen” Face Shield. The face shield is a single use protection device against viral infection. We have short delivery times and efficient logistics to take the face shield anywhere in the world in less than 14 days:

  • The shield is manufactured in Denmark from 100% recyclable PET plastic.
  • The shield is manufactured under an ISO 13485 medical device certification.
  • The shield is approved as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by the “Sikkerhedsstyrelsen” the “Danish Safety Technology Authority”.
  • The product is simple, smart & easy to use at an affordable price.
  • This is product is following our proverb / motto: “Advanced Simplicity”.

Please note that the shield can’t stand alone to ensure optimal protection against viruses, but it is a good supplement to face masks, which we are also able to supply. (link til examination products side)

For more details please view the product page and contact your Area Sales Manager for a quotation.

Customized Product Training

We have for some years focused on offering product training in our products as an extra support to our customers. Our Product Manager Mette Thorup has made several product trainings both in our company, at customers’ company and virtual through Microsoft Teams and Skype, which is really useful especially under the current circumstances. The latest product training was performed by our Chief Sales Officer Eric Maillet and Area Sales Manager Marjan Yousefi and it took place in Dubai in February, which was in according with us being in Dubai and exhibiting at Arab Health 2020.

We offer product training for all our different products in our range and the content of the training is specially customized to each customer’s needs and wishes in order for us to give the best possible training. The training session includes a combination of a theoretical part and a practical part.

The theoretical part can e.g. consist of: short information about Vitrex and CTI group, history of the products, features and benefits of the products, the products intended use, as well as branding and strategy of the products.

The practical part is a hands on training, where you will be shown how to use the products properly and the products’ features and benefits. The practical part will cover from the beginning on how to open the product’s packaging, then how to use the product and in the end the disposal of the product.

If you are interested in more information about our product training or wish to schedule a product training, please feel free to contact our Product Manager Mette Thorup.

Anders Amossen

Area Sales Manager

Phone: +45 3164 6536

Chirasorb Plus

Antibacterial suture

VITREX Surgical Sutures presents our CHIRASORB PLUS, which is an antibacterial suture coated with chlorhexidine. This is an antibacterial solution for general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation in all specialties. The new suture is an antibacterial alternative to the current mid-term healing sutures Chirasorb and Chirlac. Chirasorb Plus is available in violet or natural.

Chirasorb Plus is an absorbable, multifilament, synthetic and sterile surgical suture made of 90% glycolide and 10% L-lactide. The braided suture is covered with antibacterial coating, which consists of copolymer glycolide and lactide, calcium stearate and chlorhexidine diacetate. Chlorhexidine is a cationic antiseptic with a wide range of antimicrobial effects. It is effective on both Gram-positive and Gramnegative bacteria; the mechanism of action is cytoplasmic membrane disruption.

Chirasorb Plus characteristics:

  • Antibacterial
  • Original tensile strenght gone after 56-70 days.
  • Selection of needle-thread combinations, that meet surgeons’ needs
  • Excellent knot-security
  • No need for suture removal – patient comfort

This issue’s portrait

Marjan Yousefi started as Area Sales Manager in Vitrex Medical in November 2019 and she is responsible for Middle East & Africa. Marjan is originally from Iran, but she has lived in Denmark for more than 30 years with her family.

Marjan has more than 20 years of experience within Life Science, complimented by her Laboratory Technician and IT administrator educations, resulting in a solid technical foundation and industry understanding. She has a solid and proven experience at national and international level from her former jobs as Regional Sales Manager for EMEAI market and Product Manager for laboratory consumables and equipment as well as many years of practical experience as research Laboratory Technician.

Marjan has two daughters, who are 29 and 25 years old and a grandson, who is four years old. Otherwise she spends her limited spare time in the local table tennis club as a chairman.

Marjan Yousefi

Area Sales Manager

Industrial Holiday – 2020

Please be informed that our Industrial Holiday is held from Friday, the 17th of July, at 14.00 o’clock to Monday, the 3rd of August 2020 (week 30 and 31)

Our production and our warehouse are closed during these two weeks, so no orders will be produced or shipped during this period. The sales department and administration will be partially and low manned. We know from experience that our production is very busy in the period just before and after the Industrial holidays. In order to fulfill all requested delivery times, we kindly ask you to inform us what you need as early as possible for the next period of time. Then we shall do our best to meet all requests.