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January 28, 2021

Eric H. Maillet

CSO – Chief Sales Officer

Dear Customers & Distributors

We hope that you have entered the New Year safely.

For Vitrex Medical 2020 has been a great year, thanks to all of you. On behalf of the Vitrex Sales team and the whole company we would like to reach out to you, both the many new customers and our loyal longtime distributors to thank you for your trust, commitment, & support during 2020.

Looking at 2021 it is a year of hope and opportunities. It is our wish that we together with you our business partners can make a real difference here.

The COVID-19 vaccinations started a few weeks ago and Vitrex Medical A/S is proudly taking part in this by contributing with our alcohol swabs, syringes and needles in several countries to help fight COVID-19.

For more information, please watch the video or visit our website:

We at Vitrex Medical and the rest of the CTi Group are a part of a gigantic effort to fight against the COVID-19 in Europe and across the Globe.

2021 will bring some major challenges in the initial 6 months that we must overcome and find solutions for:

  • Lack of production capacity to follow the demand of syringes.
  • Lack of Needles and many related items on stock
  • Increased lead and delivery times
  • Increased Overseas transportation prices for containers
  • Increasing Prices

This will demand open dialogue, coordination, planning, cost sharing and smart ways to mitigate price increases. Air Cargo can speed up lead time, but prices are sky rocking.

Our team is working non-stop to find solutions, but in these COVID-19 times we are restricted, so we alternate workdays between office and home-office.

Vitrex Medical is on the forefront with new solutions. In the next weeks we will introduce new solutions for syringes and needles which give us an opportunity for more capacity and the intake of new orders.

I recommend you take the opportunity to speak with your Area Sales Manager for you to coordinate, forecast and specially to place new orders in time so you are the one getting priority.

Please find the New Vitrex Insight, with the latest news and updates from Vitrex Medical and the CTI Group.

Vitrex Low Waste

Due to the present surge for Vaccination syringes we have an extraordinary high demand for syringes especially in the 1 ml range. The demand is much surpassing our present production capacity and we are already now planning for delivery for second half of 2021 and starting to look at 2022.

We have therefore secured yet an external production capacity that could give us several million extra syringes in the next months. But we all need to act very speedily because things change by the day.

To improve the output and amount of vaccination doses for the different national vaccination programs we are introducing an additional Low Waste Syringe to our product range.

The cannulas are directly fixed to the syringes like insulin syringes. The dead space between cannula and rubber has been minimized to 1,3%. When comparing this to the market average of >10%, then this means that averagely 10% more can be vaccinated due to the lower medication residue and waste. Shelf life is 5 years.

For more information please contact your  Area Sales Manager.

Vitrex Disinfection Wipes

As a supplement to our Alcohol Swabs, that are used for disinfection, we have expanded our range with Disinfection Wipes. Due to the circumstances we have met a high demand for disinfection products and we are therefore happy to be able to supply disinfection wipes to decrease the risks of bacterial transmissions.

Our range of Disinfection Wipes consists of four variants containing different combinations of Ethanol, Chlorhexidine and Glycerol. The Disenfection Wipes are easy and convenient for cleansing the skin and surfaces of Medical Devices to help fight bacteria at the site of application. The size of the Disinfection Wipe is 140×190 mm. Each Disinfection Wipe is individually sealed and disposable for convenience and safety.

Please find more information by following this link and contact your Area Sales Manager for prices.

Safety Containers

For the COVID-19 Vaccination Program we are also happy to contribute with our Safety Containers to ensure safe disposal. Vitrex Safety Containers are designed for hospitals and healthcare institutions for clinical disposal of lancets, needles, scalpels, syringes and other types of sharps. It is designed to maximise safety whilst still maintaining a barrier to protect the user and prevent spillage during use.

  • Produced in Denmark according to ISO 9001 Standards
  • Products are made of environmentally friendly, strong and durable Polypropylene
  • Different designs of lid are provided for different applicability
  • Reversible closure can be safely fixed
  • Containers are waterproof when closed
  • Containers meet UN requirements no. 3291

​Link to Safety Containers

This issue’s portrait

Fernando Lopez-Dona started as North and Latin American Sales Manager in Vitrex Medical in September 2020 and have taken on the responsibility of growing business with partners in USA, Canada, Caribbean, Central and South American markets respectively.

Fernando has a M.B.A in International Business & Marketing and comes with more than 22 years of International Sales and Marketing experience within the medical equipment and device business including experience working for HTL Strefa S.p.A, Graham Field Corp. (Everest & Jennings), along with other subsidiaries of; Bayer USA, Stryker and others.

Fernando is closely working and developing opportunities/projects with existing and new partners in order to further promote and grow sales with a specific focus on Vitrex’s Diabetes Care product assortment.

Fernando is currently engaged and lives in Atlanta, USA. He has one son who is attending University and majoring in Marketing (graduate candidate for Summer 2023).

Fernando Lopez-Dona

Area Sales Manager