VITREX Capillary tubes

Micro Haematocrit Tubes

VITREX micro-haematocrit tubes are quality products that conform to international standard ISO 12772.

The tubes are supplied fire polished at the colour-coded end, which we recommend should be sealed with VITREX Sigillum Wax. Fire polishing reduces wear on the centrifuge seals. Supplied with colour-coding on the packaging and on the tubes in:

Plain (blue colour)

Sodium heparinisation (red colour)

Ammonia heparinisation (green colour)

Lithium heparinisation (orange colour).

Each heparinised tube contains at least 4 IU heparin as prescribed by the Standard.

The tubes are available in two types of packaging: Dispenser vials of 100 tubes each for hygienic and easy handling; and economy cardboard boxes, which reduce transport and handling costs. Special requirements regarding marking, dimensions or impregnation can be met.

The Sigillum Wax plate has 2x24 numbered positions per pair, which makes it easy to seal and transport samples. Each pair can be forced apart and used separately. The even wax layer ensures uniform sealing 

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