VITREX  Diabetic Lancets


VITREX Compact Eject

Lancing device with push button ejection

Suitable for use with VITREX Soft and most other
popular lancet brands.

Variable penetration.

Simple, quick activation and reactivation.

Simple, non-touch lancet removal.

Clear adjustable and clear fixed end caps
designed for Alternate Site Testing (AST).

1. Variable penetration
Six depth settings. Dial sets appropriate depth between 1 (minimum) and 6 (maximum).

2. Simple, quick activation and reactivation
Pulling back grey slider activates the mechanism.

3. Instant operation
Depressing the grey button operates the device.

4. Lancet removal Simple, reliable lancet

  To be used with Vitrex Soft lancet








Article No.

VITREX® Compact Eject


6-step adjustable depth.


Clear plastic sleeve only.