VITREX Capillary tubes

end-to-end Micro Pipettes

VITREX end-to-end pipettes are for users who require easy and very accurate capillary tube volume measurement. The pipettes are manufactured to ISO 7550

VITREX Tolerances:
0,5-10 µl: Acc ±0,50%, CV 0,75% 
20-100 µl: Acc ±0,50%, CV 0,60%

Glass vials containing 100 pcs. The vials have a dispenser top, making it easy to shake out one tube at a time, thereby ensuring hygienic handling. The dispenser tops are colour-coded to indicate the tube volume in conformity with ISO 1769. Ten vials are packaged in a sturdy carton in order to protect the tubes from damage during handling or transport.)

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